Nepalase Wedding Ceremony
Fish-tail Mountain at Pokhara, Nepal - One of the touristic destination of Nepal.
Festival in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Nepalase Ladies dancing in one of the most popular festival in Orlando, Florida.
One of the ethnic group of Nepal, celebrating their new year.
Sunset from one of the Lake of Florida.
Flowers from Epcot Center, Disney World Florida.
Ship at Night.
Migrating bird resting - Orlando Downtown, Florida.


Welcome to Dhan Thapa Photography. I am glad you visited my website. Photography is not only my hobby, it is my passion. I love simple and natural style in my photography. I strive to capture emotion, memorialble moments and all little details that come together to make life and that particular moment unforgetful, beautiful and extraordinary.

I specialize in wedding, social and cultural events. I also enjoy different types of photography like families, nature, fine art, engagement and also commercial. I live in the heart of Florida, i.e., Orlando, but often travel, Miami, West Palm beach, NYC, Washington DC, Virginia and much further upon request.

Contact me to discuss my availability and pricing.

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  • Fashion

    Fashion Photography

    Fashion Photography is the area of photography that concentrates on taking pictures of clothing or accessories (on models or alone) to be published in fashion magazines, advertisements or circulated among designers.

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  • Nature

    Nature Photography

    Nature photography is an exciting and very rewarding pastime. It seems only natural that when you see something exciting or interesting in the natural world, you want to capture it or record it in some way. Cameras are a great way to do just that!

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  • Wedding

    Wedding Photography

    Wedding photos are among the most important photos a married couple ever owns. Because wedding photography allows you and your mate to revisit your big day, choosing a photographer you trust is particularly important.

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  • Art & Culture

    Art & Culture Photography

    Fine Art Photography, also known simply as art photography, refers to the branch of photography dedicated to producing photos for purely aesthetic purposes. Fine art photography, housed in museums and galleries, is mainly concerned with presenting beautiful objects or ordinary objects in beautiful ways to convey intensity and emotion.

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